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Copper Alloys

Copper or Copper Alloy Product ASTM Spec
Hard drawn copper wire B1
Medium hard drawn copper wire B2
Annealed copper wire B3
Bronze trolley wire B9
Free cutting brass rod, bar, and shapes for use in screw machines B16
Cartridge brass sheet, strip, plate, bar, and disks B19
Naval brass rod, bar, and shapes B22
Bronze castings for bridges and turntables B22
Copper alloy ingots B30
Tinned soft or annealed copper electrical wire B33
Standard sized seamless copper pipe B43
Copper trolley wire B47
Annealed rectangular and square bare copper electrical wire B48
Hot rolled copper rod redraw for electrical use B49
Steam or valve bronze castings B61
Bronze rough castings for locomotive wear parts B66
Car and tender lined journal bearings B67
Seamless bright annealed copper tube B68
Seamless copper tube B75
Seamless copper water tube B88
General purpose and pressure vessel Cu-Si alloy plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B96
Cu-Si alloy rod, bar, and shapes B98
General purpose Cu-Si alloy wire B99
Rolled copper alloy bearing and expansion plates and sheets for bridges and structural use B100
Lead coated copper sheet B101
Phosphor bronze plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B103
Hard drawn copper alloy wires for electrical conductors B105
Copper and copper alloy seamless condenser tubes and ferrule stock B111
Fig. 9 deep section grooved and fig. 8 Cur trolley wire for industrial haulage B116
Leaded brass plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B121
Copper and copper alloy forging rod, bar, and shapes B124
Cartridge brass cartridge case cups B129
Commercial bronze strip for bullet jackets B130
Copper alloy bullet jacket cups B131
Copper rod, bar, and shapes B133
Brass wire B134
Seamless brass tube B135
Manganese bronze rod, bar, and shapes B138
Phosphor bronze rod, bar, and shapes B139
Leaded red brass hardware bronze rod, bar, and shapes B140
Aluminum bronze sand castings B148
Aluminum bronze rod, bar, and shapes B150
Nickel Silver (Cu-Ni-Zn) and Cu-Ni rod and bar B151
Copper sheet, strip, plate, and rolled bar B152
Phosphor bronze wire B159
Aluminum bronze, plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B169
Copper alloy condenser tube plates B171
Rope lay std. conductors w/ bunch stranded members B172
Rope lay std. conductors w/ concentric stranded members B173
Bunch stranded conductors B174
Brass die castings B176
Copper bus bar, rod, and shapes B187
Seamless copper bus pipe and tube B188
Lead copper and Lead copper alloy coated soft copper electrical wire B189
Beryllium Copper (Cu-Be) alloy plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B194
Beryllium Copper (Cu-Be) alloy rod and bar B196
Beryllium Copper (Cu-Be) alloy wire B197
Nickel Silver (Cu-Ni-Zn) and Cu-Ni alloy wire B206
Cored, annular, concentric-lay stranded copper conductors B226
Concentric-lay stranded copper and copper clad steel conductors B229
Tinned hard drawn and medium hard drawn copper electrical wire B246
Copper base alloy centrifugal castings B271
Copper flat wire and strip w/rolled or drawn edges B272
Seamless copper tube for air conditioning and refrigerator use B280
Copper and copper alloy hot pressed die forgings B283
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